Swiss technology

We’ve used two advanced technologies to ensure total effectiveness of the active ingredients in Perris Swiss Laboratory products and to reach a level of performance our customers can rely on. These technologies are:

• Ultra fine emulsion
• Intensive tailor-made liposome

Perris Swiss Laboratory
Perris Swiss Laboratory

Technology predicated on the active affinity

An ultra-fine emulsion has a tiny particle size. Because it’s so fine, it has a much stronger ability to work within the skin and brings the active agent closest to its target. The Intensive tailor-made liposome is a tiny vesicle made of phospholipids bilayer. With a structure that is analogous to those found in the skin a Liposome has proved to be an ideal vector for carrying active ingredients where they’re most needed. The use of these two advanced technologies in a cosmetic product provides many benefits:
• Better skin affinity: smaller size and similar structure to the skin
• Improve active ingredient protection, especially for sensitive ingredients, and ensure efficacy throughout the product’s shelf life
• Enhance their action within the skin’s surface
• Improve long lasting release of active
• Safe technology: non-toxic and non-irritant for skin

This innovative technology was developed by SFERALP .– founded in Switzerland in 1998. SFERALP has a strong expertise in encapsulation technologies of active ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.