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Monday,Jun 29, 2015 With all the beauty products available, we're often asked...

Why use a Face Mask?

We get it! We’re all living busy lives, juggling 101 things at once. Where do we find the minutes to add something else into our beauty regime, and is it really important? Well, actually, YES. A facial mask stands apart from all other products as an additional care to complete your weekly skin routine, and is absolutely worth the extra minutes in the week.

Masks can have different properties, and dependant on your specific requirements can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation and replenish nutrients. But above all, they add an extra dimension to the skin-care routine, and as an added bonus – they are truly pampering!

So what are the other benefits? All the effects of a Spa treatment in the comfort of your own home – and when you put that into perspective, the Face Mask is a wise investment.

With so many different masks on the market, you first need to determine which is the right one for your needs and skin type. All face masks are different in their effect, time required, and of course the way they are removed. Some are rinse to remove masks, others attach more like a silicon or plastic which enable you to peel them off in their entirety.

What many people fail to realise, it the importance of cleaning the skin properly before application. It sounds obvious, but this is what makes all the difference to the overall effect of a face mask. Ask a seasoned face mask user and they will tell you that optimal results come from clean skin and consistent application. Generally, a mask should be used 1-2 times per week as they’re an intensive formulation catered to treat specific skin needs.

Our new Mask serum ‘Eclat de Beauté‘ by Skin Fitness is an amazing multi-task product promoting an illuminating effect by day or a deep repairing care by night.
Eclat de Beauté is a very intensive serum with an innovative texture for a mask, which will leave your skin with a ‘coup d’éclat”.

Clinically proven to leave your skin illuminated, plumped, smoother and with lines visibly reduced. What are you waiting for?

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