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Monday,Dec 01, 2014 Part 3 – The Rose and its Natural Scent

The Power of Plants – Skin Fitness Natural Skincare

At Skin Fitness, we firmly believe in the beneficial power of natural ingredients to sooth and restore skin. As well as innovative cosmetic developments, our products use targeted natural ingredients to deliver brilliant, long-term results.

Here we take a look inside our products and see how these natural ingredients work to give you beautiful skin. In this article, we’re exploring natural scent.

It all began with the rose. The rose is at the very heart of our brand and the rosa canina seed powder we use is outstanding quality. For centuries, this delicate flower has been highly valued by many cultures, not only for its beauty and perfume but also for its profound health properties.

  • Milrose fragrance

The Skin Fitness fragrance has been developed in close collaboration with a famous fragrance house in Grasse, the perfumery capital. The fragrance is made of 100% natural ingredients with a top note of rose. It’s not only a pleasant scent, but an aromacosmetic fragrance specially developed with selected natural extracts, which provide proven anti-ageing benefits. This is a revolution in the cosmetic field – a natural fragrance with a scent that boosts wellbeing and anti-ageing benefits.

  • Rose water

For our Micellar Water and Active Anti-aging Eye Cream, we use rose water to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. The subtle and relaxing scent of rose gives our products and gentle, soothing feeling.

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