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Tuesday,May 02, 2017

Let nature smooth, firm and illuminate your skin

You’ve heard it all before. The key to youthful looking skin is a well-balanced diet, exercise and top of the line skincare. I can sense the eye rolls. What if we told you there is one key item in your beauty regime that can help promote that dewy suppleness look and feel. The secret weapon is a tiny drop of the magical elixir known as, serum. You heard it from us first, SERUM.

Our serum does just that and more. The Skin Fitness Concentrated Serum is suitable for the most sensitive of complexions, its natural ingredients are quick and easily absorbed, illuminating the skin with 24hr hydration and anti-aging properties that smooth and firm to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acting as a layer of second skin.

Many are familiar with Vitamin E, but there is one known as Tocotrienol that works as a powerful anti-oxidant deep within the skin’s surface to fight free radical damaged cells while enhancing your skin’s moisture with hyaluronic acid. Restructuring your skin’s hydration and helps restore elasticity and velvety soft skin. If that isn’t enough, here is more.

And did you know the soothing properties of Schizophyllan stimulates the skin’s natural defense against UV light promoting the overall skin health and limits photo aging damage, which is the secret to maintaining a younger healthier looking skin.

Our serum is infused with Actiscent Melrose, 100% all natural fragrance which possess its own mix of anti-aging properties. Clinical studies have proven with continued proper use of the Concentrated Serum it will result in a softer, more supple skin. And who doesn’t want that?!

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