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Wednesday,Jun 11, 2014 High quality solutions to keep your products safe

Clever packaging to protect formulas

Developing the Skin Fitness range isn’t just about the formulas – packaging is very important, for protecting our products, keeping them safe from external factors and making your skin care routine simple, easy and luxurious.

More than ever customers expect high standards and this drives us to continuously develop innovative packaging solutions that reflect the your lifestyles, needs and preferences.

Avoiding oxidation and contamination has always been a challenge when it comes to packaging cosmetic products. Contact with air often affects the physical and chemical properties of the ingredients and the formula. Microbes can also play havoc with cosmetics, especially as brands reduce their use of preservatives. Airless cosmetic bottles are the perfect solution for packaging products that are sensitive to oxidation or microbial attacks.

Airless packaging also protects products from lights (in the shop, in the bathroom, etc) and avoids any kind of contamination when the product is used. It’s a safe choice that guarantees an optimal formula which remains efficient during use.

All the products in the Skin Fitness range have packaging that’s carefully selected to protect the formulas and avoid any kind of contamination. That’s why our creams – Active Anti-Aging Face Cream and Active Anti-Aging Eye Cream – are packaged in high quality airless jars and bottles, and the Beauty Micellar Water Make-up Remover comes in a bottle with a innovative pump system that dispenses the product without mess.

For our peeling collection, we’ve hand-selected the very best packaging. Tubes are the most suitable option as they are easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to use.  To strengthen oxidation and protection from light and outside factors, specific tubes with aluminium foil inside are used to protect the formulas and ensure product efficiency.

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