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Active Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Active Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkles, anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness
95% natural origin and fragrance free

Recommended for:
Sensitive Skin
All Skin Types
Apply to:
Eye area
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The Product

Skin Fitness are experts in natural facial peels and exfoliants, with revolutionary products that mix Swiss pharmaceutically-derived technology with luxurious beauty to improve skin tone, boost radiance and fight signs of aging.

Make your eyes sparkle with our Active Anti-Aging Eye Cream. This triple action product helps to fight wrinkles including crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles for bright, beautiful, youthful eyes and exceptional results. Prevent the signs of aging daily with this cream and restore suppleness around the eye area. Our Active Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a high skin tolerance product and safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The Benefits

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (clinically proven)
  • Soothes puffiness
  • Fades the appearance of dark circles
  • Improves firmness
  • Deeply nourishing

The Application

Apply a small amount morning and night, gently patting around the eye contour area. 


Ultra fine emulsion of Tocotrienol
, Liposome of stabilized vitamin C
, Hyaluronic Acid of Very Low Molecular Weight
, Biosaccharide Gum-1
, Sodium Dextran Sulfate
, Shea butter
, Rose water

Medical Expertise

Clinical tests*: anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness** and anti-dark circle actions**

And the results…

95% found the product moisturises the eye area

86% found the colour of the dark circles had faded

86% found the eye area was decongested

95% found the product allow them to apply make-up

91% liked the product

*Clinical test and results carried out by an independent laboratory over 56 days on 22 volunteers with all skin types including sensitive skin. Products were used twice daily.

**Parameters evaluated under self-assessment questionnaire

Tolerance test

Our fragrance-free product is hypoallergenic, dermatologically and ophthalmologically*** tested to respect the nature of the skin, minimising the risks of irritation and allergy. It’s kind to even the most sensitive skins.

***Ophthalmologic test done by an independent laboratory over 30 days on 15 volunteers on a twice-daily application.


Consider the environment - recycle the packaging

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